iCQ Level 4 Diploma in Adult Care 601/4360/5

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 The iCQ Level 4 Diploma in Adult Care is a vocational qualification designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to work as senior care workers or managers in adult care settings. This qualification covers a wide range of topics including leadership, communication, safeguarding, health and safety, and person-centred approaches to care. It is suitable for those who already work in adult care or those who are looking to start a career in this field.

Qualification Purpose

Those working towards achieving a iCQ Level 4 Diploma in Adult Care (RQF) will have and develop further specialist skill and knowledge in their area of responsibility which allows them to lead in areas such as assessment or enablement, for instance. Learners will have the responsibility of assessing performance and quality of care delivery. Their team members will look to them for inspiration and they will provide coaching and monitoring to their colleagues.

Learners could work in a variety of settings in adult social care, including but not limited to residential care, domiciliary care or day centers. The qualification would also be suitable for Lead Personal Assistant who work as part of an Assistant at a senior level.

What should be the entry requirements?

  • Well, there aren’t any specific and no formal needs
  • Be 19 years old and above
  • Be working at a project function appropriate for this particular pathway
  • IT literate (Web, Microsoft office)
  • Able to Comprehend and interpret course stuff
  • Self-motivated and willing to finish and attain
  • Have access to an Experienced Supervisor that will execute monitoring at work

Course Delivery

  • The Level 4 qualifications for management or senior practitioner roles in Health and Social Care is delivered online through our cutting-edge online portal site.
  • The free textbook we supply and our comprehensive assessment plans directly assist you step by step.
  • You’ll have a committed Assessor that will provide assistance and assess your work.

Career Progression

Successful learners can progress to other qualifications and roles such as. Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and management for Adult Care.

Level 5 Certificate in Leading and managing services to support End of life and significant life events.

What is our assessment method?

  • You’ll be evaluated via a series of written questions to assess your comprehension
  • you’ll have to be observed at the office by a professional Supervisor with Level 5 and Access learning tools and upload shreds of evidence on an internet portfolio.


To achieve this qualification the learner must achieve 44 credits from the mandatory and 26 credits from optional units.


Unit Title URN  Level GLH  Credit Type
Working in partnership with others in adult care settings A/616/9382 4 22 4 Mandatory
Lead practice for managing and disseminating records and reports D/616/9388 4 28 3 Mandatory
Equality diversity and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings D/616/9391 4 30 3 Mandatory
Understand safeguarding and protection in adult care settings F/616/9383 4 22 3 Mandatory
Lead Communication in adult care settings H/616/9389 4 35 4 Mandatory
Facilitate support planning to ensure positive outcomes for individuals and to support wellbeing H/616/9392 4 15 3 Mandatory
Understand personalisation in care and support services J/616/9384 4 30 4 Mandatory
Facilitate person centred assessment to support wellbeing K/616/9393 4 15 3 Mandatory
Safeguard children and young people who are present in the adult care sector L/616/9385 4 22 3 Mandatory
Develop, maintain and use records and reports M/616/9394 4 15 3 Mandatory
Professional practice in adult care settings R/616/9386 4 20 4 Mandatory
Personal development in adult care settings Y/616/9387 4 20 4 Mandatory
Lead health and safety in adult care settings Y/616/9390 4 20 3 Mandatory
Understand how to manage a team D/602/3170 4 20 3 Optional
Awareness of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 F/616/3972 3 28 3 Optional
Understanding Suicide Interventions H/616/4578 4 43 6 Optional
Enable individuals with mental health problems to develop alternative coping strategies K/616/3982 4 16 4 Optional
Understand Advance Care Planning L/616/3943 3 25 3 Optional
Understand mental well-being and mental health promotion M/616/3904 3 20 3 Optional
Duty of care in care settings M/616/3983 3 8 1 Optional
Promote personal development in care settings M/616/4003 3 10 3 Optional