iCQ Level 2 Diploma in Care End of Life Pathway 603/2762/3

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iCQ Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF) End of Life Pathway

This is a iCQ Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF) that is governed by Ofqual.

Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF) is designed for learners who wish to in a care environment and aims to develop the knowledge and skills required when providing positive care for people with disease and their families.

This knowledge only qualification is designed for learners who want to develop their understanding of medication administration and how to handle this safely. Learners will develop knowledge of the procedures for health, safety and wellbeing in Care setting. This course will provide you with all of the necessary information and abilities to work as a competent health carer or support worker.

All professionals in the care industry to have a minimum of Level 2 in care or be working towards the certification due to different safeguarding issues and to ensure that individuals receive better quality care.

Qualification Purpose:

The qualification purpose of this iCQ Level 2 Diploma in Care Online Course is to improve learners’ understanding of a variety of difficulties, disabilities or illnesses that can have a substantial impact on a person’s overall health and how to respond to them.

It is designed for people who work in the Care field but don’t have a professional certificate in the field. This qualification aims to improve your knowledge and skills in this field


There are no specific entry requirements however learners should have a minimum of level 3 in literacy and numeracy or equivalent.

  • Students interested in enrolling in this course must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be at least 19+ years old.
  • Have a strong command of the English language
  • For the duration of the course, you must have access to a computer and the internet.
  • Basic computer skills, such as word processing, emailing, and document uploading
  • Having a real desire to succeed is essential.


We facilitate this iCQ Level 2 Diploma in Care online via our e-portfolio platform and email support.

 What is our assessment method?

  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • You will be assessed by completing all the required assessments with your tutor providing feedback following completion of each.
  • All assessments must be completed and passed in order for you to successfully achieve the qualification iCQ Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF).

Course Duration

Guided Learning hours

These hours are made up of all contact time. guidance or supervision of a learner by a lecture. supervisor, tutor, trainer, or other appropriate providers of education or training. Guided Learning hours.

The qualification is suitable for learners 19 years of age and above

Career Progression 

Successful learners can progress to other qualifications such as:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Care.
  • Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Common Health Conditions.
  • Level 3 Diploma in Care.
  • Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support.

Why choose us? 

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Unit Title URN  Level GLH  Credit Type
Responsibilities of a care worker D/616/3896 2 16 2 Mandatory
6 Implement person-centred approaches in care settings H/616/3866 2 39 5 Mandatory
Personal development in care settings H/616/3897 2 23 3 Mandatory
Equality and inclusion in care settings K/616/3898 2 17 2 Mandatory
Communication in care settings L/616/3893 2 20 3 Mandatory
Safeguarding and protection in care settings M/616/3868 2 26 3 Mandatory
Health, safety and wellbeing in care settings M/616/3899 2 33 4 Mandatory
Duty of care R/616/3894 2 7 1 Mandatory
Handle information in care settings Y/616/3895 2 10 1 Mandatory
Understand the impact of Acquired Brain Injury on individuals A/616/7695 3 28 3 Optional
Administer medication to individuals and monitor the effects D/616/3932 3 30 5 Optional
Support individuals at the end of life D/616/4613 3 50 6 Optional
End of life and dementia care F/616/4006 3 20 2 Optional
Facilitate learning and development activities to meet individual needs and preferences H/616/4581 3 35 5 Optional
Support individuals with specific communication needs Y/616/3931 3 35 5 Optional